Holes and Scorecard

The Legends is not just a name. Each hole is named for a legendary United States Marine who significantly impacted U.S. history or excelled in service. All of them trained or were stationed on Parris Island. Visit on the right day and you can hear the sounds of future Marines training to become members of the world’s most elite fighting force and legends in their own right.

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Hole #1 - Sergeant Major Henry H. Black
7th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (1975 - 1977)

Hole #2 - Sergeant Major Robert E. Cleary
10th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (1983 – 1987)

Hole #3 - Roberto Clemente
1st Hispanic member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame (1973)

Hole #4 - Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Austell Cunningham
1st Marine Corps Aviator and 1st Director of Marine Corps Aviation

Hole #5 - Master Gunnery Sergeant Leland “Lou” Diamond
Nicknames include “Mr. Marine”, “Mr. Leatherneck”, and “The Honker”

Hole #6 - Corporal Rene Arthur Gagnon
Participant in flag raising on Iwo Jima

Hole #7 - General Roy Stanley Geiger
1st Marine to lead an Army and Father of Marine Aviation

Hole #8 - Sergeant Major Lewis G. Lee
13th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (1955 – 1999)

Hole #9 - Sergeant Major John R. Massaro
8th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (1977 – 1979)

Hole #10 - The Honorable Zell Bryan Miller
U.S. Senator from Georgia (2000 – 2005), 79th Governor of Georgia (1991 – 1999) and 8th Lieutenant Governor of Georgia (1975 – 1991)

Hole #11 - Colonel Mitchell Paige
WWII Medal of Honor Recipient

Hole #12 - Lieutenant General Lewis Burwell Puller
The most decorated Marine in history

Hole #13 - Brigadier General Gail M. Reals
First female Marine selected to General grade

Hole #14 - Lieutenant General Julian Constable Smith
Fought in the Occupation of Veracruz, Occupation of Nicaragua and World War II: Battle of Tarawa and Battle of Peleliu

Hole #15 - Sergeant Michael Strank
Leader of Marines who raised the flag at Iwo Jima

Hole #16 - Sergeant Major Herbert J. Sweet
4th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (1965 – 1969)

Hole #17 - General Alexander Archer Vandegrift
World War II Medal of Honor recipient and 18th Commandant of the Marine Corps (1944 – 1947)

Hole #18 - Sergeant Major Leland D. Crawford
9th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (1979 – 1983)