Golf Academy - High School and College Athletes

This program will take a hard look at mental and physical inefficiencies that a play may have and eliminate them one by one, to produce lower scores. Each sessions will be goal oriented with instruction and drills to benchmark progress.

Learn the keys to make you play better, have more fun and shoot lower scores:

  • Physical Evaluation
  • Course Management
  • Mental Game of Golf
  • Shot Making
  • Instruction
  • Equipment

Frank O'Connell Testimonial:

Since I first met Frank he has been such a positive influence and role model for me on and off the course. He is the first one there and the last to leave.

His drive and ambition to help educate and develop his student’s physical and mental golf games has clearly been demonstrated to me over the years. He constantly goes out of his way for his students to achieve the best results possible.

Aside from golf, Frank is a respectful, honest, and very creative person. I have always felt comfortable to come to Frank for advice and encouragement for any issues on and off the course. I came to him many times during my college recruitment process as I was unexperienced in how to go about contacting coaches. Thanks to Frank’s help and support, he was able to assist me in receiving a full athletic scholarship to Radford University (Division I).

Sydney Walker